About Us

Sandmark Realty, LLC is a real estate brokerage that represents tenants, only, in regard to their office space requirements. Although it is the landlords who pay our fee, we do not represent ownership with the mandate of filling their buildings nor negotiating the highest rents on their behalf. You will not find a small brass plaque, from our firm, in front of a building that reads: “For Leasing Information Call: …”.

Our mission is not necessarily to move tenants, it is to make sure (and to be able to demonstrate) that the tenant is entering into the best deal possible. The best deal is not simply the least expensive deal. The best deal means addressing the concerns of the tenant. This could mean the desire for lease flexibility, which includes sublease rights, early lease termination options and lease extension options. This could address the technological capabilities of the facility or cash flow issues that are realized via free rent periods. It could also mean physical configuration of the space that would result in a more efficient working environment, or it could mean a more equitable lease security/guarantee clause.

What we bring to the negotiating table is: market knowledge of where current deals are being made in your existing building and in your immediate sub-market; understandable comparative financial analyses; lease negotiation skills; and the knowledge of when to defer to your real estate attorney.