Office Space | Retail Site Selection | Real Estate Investments

Office Space

Tenant Representation

  • Renewals, expansions and restructurings
  • Relocations and subleasing

Strategic Planning

  • Assessing current lease position
  • Report on current market conditions

Negotiating Transactions

  • Base rent
  • Annual escalations
  • Utilities
  • Air-conditioning
  • Floor plate efficiency
  • Rent concessions
  • Construction allowance
  • Lease security and guaranty
  • Lease flexibility

Financial Analysis

  • Simplistic presentations
  • Net present value analysis
  • Financial interpretation of proposal language
  • “What if ?” analyses

Alternative Solution Comparisons

  • Aids in parallel negotiations
  • Lease vs. purchase analyses

Lease Audits

  • Review and confirm that rent bills are in accordance with lease terms

Retail Site Selection

Our team has many years of experience in large and small transactions for major and local retailers. A breakdown of our work includes:

  • Tenant Representation
  • Acquisitions of Additional Sites
  • Disposition of Excess Locations
  • Lease Renewals or Restructuring
  • Strategic Planning
  • Creative Problem Solving
  • Start-up or Expansion Situations

Real Estate Investments

We recognize that each transaction is driven by different goals. These goals are addressed through the creation of unique strategies. We provide comprehensive advice on the acquisition or disposal of property. Sandmark can identify opportunities and evaluate real estate assets.